Payroll Solutions Specialists

Having an effective payroll process is an important piece of managing a successful business. At Stander & Company, we’re here to take that burden off of the business owner, so the focus can be on running daily operations. Giving our clients peace of mind that their payroll is correct and compliant is something we take seriously.

Stander & Company uses the industry’s leading payroll interface and technology to deliver a product that is flexible and easy to navigate. No matter the complexity or uniqueness of a payroll, each platform is tailored to that individual client’s needs.

Our Payroll Services allow you to

  • Manage payroll and tax functions by simply logging in to an easy-to-use web-based application
  • Have peace of mind that you’re compliant as Stander & Company oversees all of your Federal and State employment taxes and reporting
  • Pay your employees via electronically signed check, direct deposit, prepaid debit card
  • Meet state reporting guidelines required for new hires and garnished wages

We are committed to providing a quality payroll product at competitive monthly costs. Please call us today for a quote!