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Elevate Your Brand with StanderCo’s Corporate Event Planning

Welcome to the Extraordinary. Your brand is more than your product or service—it’s an experience. And at StanderCo Marketing, we’re masters at crafting unforgettable experiences that propel your brand into new realms of recognition. Enter our event marketing services, your gateway to extraordinary.
Adjacent to us is our recently purchased and thoughtfully renovated event space. This venue is not merely a building—it’s a canvas on which we manifest your vision into high-impact corporate events that captivate your audience.

Spotlight: Emily Stander - Our Event Marketing Maven

When it comes to innovative and creative event planning, Emily Stander stands unparalleled. With her unique flair for devising original activity ideas, she consistently brings a fresh approach to event coordination that leaves an indelible mark.

Renowned as the go-to person for the most prominent non-profits in the Humble, Atascocita, and Kingwood areas, Emily’s exceptional skills and dedication have solidified her reputation in the community.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have Emily’s extraordinary touch elevating your event? With her on board, your event isn’t just another date on the calendar; it becomes a memorable experience.


Expert Company Event Planning: Your Event, Our Craft

Leverage our expertise to create a sensation, not just an event. We specialize in:
Starting at a base price of $10k (inclusive of our services and expenses), our event planning services are a valuable investment in your brand’s future.

Why Choose StanderCo for Your Corporate Event Planning Needs?

Choosing StanderCo means you’re not only investing in an event, but you’re also investing in:

A Collaboration of Passion and Expertise

Our corporate event planning services are powered by Emily’s local reputation and passion for throwing magnificent parties, paired with the extensive experience of our marketing agency. The outcome? An event that delivers not just on the expectations but beyond, etching your brand in the minds of your attendees.
Take your brand to new heights with StanderCo Marketing’s expert corporate event planning services. Create an experience that will echo in the minds of your audience, long after the lights go out. Because at StanderCo, we don’t just plan events—we create unforgettable experiences.
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