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  • At Stander & Company, we are impassioned to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Please select the services you'd like to discuss with us.
Marketing Company in Humble


Stander & Co. is a marketing company in Humble and we fully understand your challenges as an entrepreneur. Between balancing your books, staying on budget, and managing staff and payroll – it can be difficult to focus your efforts on building your brand.

With our recent acquisition of IMPROZ Marketing, we’re now able to offer elite marketing services. What makes us unique is our ability to develop a successful business strategy, then build a winning marketing a plan that executes!

Marketing Services

Every successful business needs a powerful brand. Let us help you find yourself and build a brand that everyone will remember.

Graphics -Whether you need custom car-wraps, business cards, brochures, posters, or something more extravagant – we have the creative chops to get it done.

Logo – If you can dream it, we can create it. Become iconic with a custom logo design and emerge as the brand that can’t be forgotten.

Stunning, custom-fitted websites. They have the beauty to attract, and the content to convert. (Plus, they’re mobile friendly.)

It takes skill and creativity to supply the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) with all the information they want. Luckily, we have both. First-page search results – here we come.

Building your audience is one thing. We focus on establishing your online presence and making sure your people never lose touch with your brand.

Anything is possible when you laser-focus your target audience. Our PPC campaign is designed to get you to the top of the page results.

Team photos, product photography, and some of the most complex green screen composites. We have an eye for stunning business photos.

Nothing has a greater visual impact than a well-placed, well-edited video. From storyboard to post-production – we provide top-notch video for all your marketing needs.

Build relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers with our email marketing campaigns. It’s customizable, personal, and (most importantly) cost-effective.

Our marketing firm specializes in expanding your reach and growing your brand. We aim to capture your vision and work with you to accomplish all your business goals.

At Stander, when you succeed, we succeed!

This Winning Marketing Company's Process

Plan Development/Business Strategy

Once we grasp your vision, it’s time to focus on your specific business goals. Here, we brainstorm and strategize a winning plan that will grow your profits. This is where lots of marketing companies get it wrong and one our differentiators.

Brand Development

You know your business better than anyone – now it’s our turn. We begin our process with an extensive branding session to learn everything there is to learn about your business and its market. We then build out your key audiences (personas) and define your UVP (Unique Value Proposition), so that your brand is conveyed loud and clear.

The Launch

Now, it’s time to get to work! Once we have the blueprint of our goals and a solid marketing plan, we can begin executing. This step in our process is where you begin to see your vision turn into a reality.

Marketing & Growth

Once we have developed your assets, it’s time to start marketing. This is where we use our suite of marketing services that have been customized to fit your needs.

Are You Ready to Grow?

Start expanding your business today!

Contact us and learn how Stander & Co. can help you with all your business needs, because that is what our passion is all about. Helping entrepreneurs develop and become their fullest potential.