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Our marketing firm specializes in expanding your reach and growing your brand. We aim to capture your vision and work with you to accomplish all your business goals.

At Stander, when you succeed, we succeed!

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This Winning Marketing Company's Process

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Plan Development/Business Strategy

Once we grasp your vision, it’s time to focus on your specific business goals. Here, we brainstorm and strategize a winning plan that will grow your profits. This is where a lot of marketing companies get it wrong and one of our differentiators.

Brand Development

You know your business better than anyone – now it’s our turn. We begin our process with an extensive branding session to learn everything there is to learn about your business and its market. We then build out your key audiences (personas) and define your UVP (Unique Value Proposition), so that your brand is conveyed loud and clear.

The Launch

Now, it’s time to get to work! Once we have the blueprint of our goals and a solid marketing plan, we can begin executing. This step in our process is where you begin to see your vision turn into a reality.

Marketing & Growth

Once we have developed your assets, it’s time to start marketing. This is where we use our suite of marketing services that have been customized to fit your needs.

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