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Why Every Business Needs a Hero: The Power of a Virtual CFO

Picture this: an astounding 80% of early-stage companies are navigating the treacherous business seas without a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at the helm. A CFO’s seasoned expertise can guide your business towards prosperous shores, sparking revenue growth, maximizing ROI, and safeguarding your financial health. In their absence, your voyage may

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The Different Types of Taxes Businesses Owe

The current tax rate for corporate income is 21% in the US, but a business may pay a different amount depending on a range of factors. If you run a business, you’ll have a lot of responsibilities. One of these is filing taxes, and taxes must always be filed properly. Don’t

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How to Identify What Small Business Tax Write-Offs You Can Take

Did you know that small business owners must pay property, sales, payroll, and self-employment taxes?  Running a small business can be very rewarding. But it also comes with lots of challenges. One of the most significant challenges small business owners face is navigating the complex world of taxes. Understanding which small

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Houston Business Journal Fast 100 Finalist

We are a finalist in the Houston Business Journal Fast 100, and Stander & Company couldn’t be prouder! Stander & Company thanks our team, clients, and supporters for believing in us as we continue our mission of elevating entrepreneurs. The Fast 100 is the Houston Business Journal’s list of the

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Tax Tips for Home-Based Businesses

One of the best things about having a home-based business is that it offers you opportunities for tax deductions. However, with so many people working from home in the pandemic, it can be difficult to tell if you own a home-based business or just work from home. Figuring out if

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Year Financial Planning

Two more weeks until 2021 are in the books.  Are you ready?   Financial stressors are one reason people dread the end of the year.  Gifts, trips, and other holiday spending can be overwhelming.  Compound that with businesses hoping to get out of the red for the year and individuals worrying about wrapping up

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