About Stander & Company

Starting a business requires more than being great at what you do.

You also have to be great at running a business. Fortunately, you do not have to do it all by yourself. Stander & Company provides a wide range of support services to meet your business’s needs.


We handle the nitty-gritty details that can bog down business owners. We also act as mentors and coaches, increasing our clients’ odds of success. How do we do it? We are not just service providers. We also built our business from the ground up. We combine our hands-on experience with our education to provide guidance that works.

The Stander in Stander & Company refers to company founders Nicholas and Emily Stander. Nicholas received his Bachelor’s in finance and his MBA in finance and management from Tulane University. He moved to Kingwood in 2001, where he began working in the business world. Starting as a controller at 23, by 30, he had been a CFO, then head of a division of a public company.

The Standers opened Stander & Company in 2013. They have a desire to bring a world-class experience to the local area. Initially, the firm concentrated on accounting and related services like bookkeeping, advisory services, and IRS representation.

We quickly realized that many of our clients were struggling. While they excelled in their fields, they were not great business people. We saw businesses that should have been thriving struggling to stay open. We realized we could use our backgrounds and experience as successful small business owners to make a real difference to our clients.

Stander & Company added insurance, payroll, marketing help, and strategy coaching services. We also added nine employees. We take a collaborative approach to provide you with a full range of support services for your business. Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for entrepreneurial assistance.

Do what makes you happy. 

At Stander & Company, we believe that work should make you happy. Confucious is credited with the saying, “do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” That idea is at the heart of most entrepreneurs’ dreams. Still, the everyday details of running a business can interfere with that dream. With our array of services, we let you focus on doing the things you love. We handle the details, so you can still build a financially rewarding business.



Grow More.

Whether you want to grow a local business or begin a global empire, we can help you. Nicholas’s extensive experience in international industry has positioned him to help clients across the globe. We have successfully helped guide and provide services for companies across the United States, Europe, China, and South Africa.

We are here for you.

We have a soft spot for local business. Emily and Nicholas have a strong sense of community, which they bring to their local clients. They work with the Humble Area Assistance Ministries and in their church. Emily is also on the Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce board. Our community contacts put us in a great position to help you understand the local market. We believe you build a robust local economy one business at a time.

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