Tax Preparation Services

Remember the good old days when filling out your taxes took a few minutes? You put in the numbers from your W-2, took your standard deduction, and that was that. Tax preparation gets more complicated as you get older and make more money. That is why Stander & Company is happy to offer personal tax preparation services.

We Protect Our Clients

When preparing taxes, we strive to ensure our clients can take advantage of every legal means to reduce their tax burdens. However, unlike some firms, we never engage in questionable accounting practices. Our commitment to ethical representation protects you.

We Plan for the Future

With our commercial clients, we are always looking toward the future. We do that with our tax clients, as well. The financial choices you make impact your tax liability. Likewise, your tax choices can impact your financial decisions for years. So, we help you understand the implications of your tax decisions today.

We Look at the Past

Have you been preparing your own taxes? If so, have you taken advantage of all of your available deductions and credits? If not, it may not be too late. We can help you file amended tax returns to help you get the benefit of these credits or deductions. That is why we suggest that our new clients have us review your last three tax returns as well.

The Relationship Between Tax Prep and Financial Planning

In addition to tax preparation, we can help with long-term financial planning. If you have substantial assets, it is essential to have a tax strategy that preserves the bulk of your wealth for your family. Proper tax planning can also help you maximize the pre-tax money available for healthcare, maximize savings for college, and make the most of your retirement savings.

Audits and IRS Notices

We do more than handle tax preparation. We can also help you if the IRS is investigating you. Whether you are responding to an IRS notice or preparing for an audit, we can help. Since a CPA heads our firm, we can represent you in your interactions with the IRS.

Benefits of a CPA

The benefits of having a CPA, Nicholas Stander, in our firm are not limited to tax preparation. Being able to consult with a CPA means you can coordinate your tax prep with other financial planning. CPAs follow a rigid code of ethics. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) ‘s Professional Code of Conduct imposes ethical rules similar to those for a fiduciary relationship.

Choose Stander & Company ​

Taxes are an essential part of your financial planning. Plus, they are high stakes. Get your taxes wrong, and you may have to deal with penalties and interest. You can rely on us to handle your tax returns. At our CPA-led firm, you get expert guidance to help optimize your taxes for your financial future. Contact us today to get started on your taxes.
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