Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a successful business owner, being able to work directly with a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is an invaluable resource. It’s vital to have a reliable company that not only checks up on you during tax season but helps you establish a successful business year-round. Stander & Company is unique in that they offer comprehensive services for entrepreneurs and business owners. These services are designed to strengthen processes, establish procedures, and improve your overall business strategy. 

Here are a few more ways Stander & Company is geared to grow your business. 

Identify And Achieve Your Goals

It’s vital that you come up with goals that make sense. Wandering around creating goals that are either unrealistic or not aligned with your business can leave you discouraged and unmotivated.

Stander & Company offers dedicated CPA services that revolve around your industry and (more importantly) help you set achievable goals. They work with you to nail down things such as annual target revenues, budgeting, and tax planning – everything you need to map out a plan of success. 

Money Management

Managing your cash flow can be a challenging endeavor – especially starting. It’s typically better to start your business with saving rather than getting a loan. You’ll see (rather quickly) that those payments will begin cutting into your profits. 

Luckily, Stander & Company specializes in money management. Their CPA can help you identify areas in your business that are either hurting or helping your cash flow. Along with cash flow and budget statements, they can show you exactly where your money is going – this aids in budget cuts and investment opportunities.

Ongoing Tax Planning

In order to save you from migraines and missteps, Stander & Company’s CPA offers constant tax planning/preparation. Rather than enter crisis mode on December 31, they implement strategies that are performed methodically throughout the year. This year-round planning mode allows for better decisions and better tax savings. 

Business Coaching/Consulting

Most CPAs focus on one objective – minimizing taxes. While that is an essential strategy, it is not always the best for every company all the time. Stander & Company uses its knowledge and expertise to not only align a tax strategy to your goals but overall improve your business. They tailor their services to help you become compliant, tax-efficient, organized and become more strategic in the way you manage your business. 

Additionally, keeping track of the changing tax laws can be a headache. If you aren’t constantly up-to-date on these updates, you could miss something and pay big time for it. Stander & Company stays up-to-date on the latest tax benefits and law changes, so you can stay focused on what matters – your business. 

To learn more about 2020 tax law changes, click here.

Trusted Payroll

One of the most vital roles in running any successful business is completing payroll. Among your list of tasks, it’s an important aspect that impacts the morale of your employees. They need to be able to rely on being paid on a consistent basis without delays. Stander & Company relieves you of this burden by providing exceptional payroll services. Using the industry’s leading payroll interface and technology, they believe in giving their clients peace of mind that their payroll is correct and compliant. 

Reducing Debt/Improving Credit Rating

For a business owner (especially a new business owner), nothing can be more daunting than getting out of debt. Payments can affect your budget and how you run your business. With numbers like that looming over you, it can be extremely challenging to run your business. Stander & Company’s CPA services include debt reduction. They understand how to not only how to manage your credit but negotiate with creditors and prevent you from being bullied.

Their CPA can also help you improve your credit rating. Paying your bills on time is one thing, but having a personal CPA allows you to speed up the process. With all the tactics at their disposal, they can have you back to a healthy, thriving business. 

IRS Representation

Having a personal CPA in your corner is invaluable – especially when you’re up against the IRS. Every business owner dreads the day they have to face an IRS tax audit. Stander & Company and their CPA services are there to protect you against that situation. Their CPA can represent you in the event of an IRS audit.

Stander & Company is There for You 

An excellent CPA service can become as important a part of your business as your upper-level management. They can advise you on your company’s financial decisions and help you make sure your business is on the best path for growth. 

If you’d like to get started with growing your business, check out the rest of Stander & Company’s site. Along with our CPA services, we provide bookkeeping, payroll, and business consulting services. Contact us today to start growing your company the smart way.

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