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We provide business advisory and business coaching services to small businesses

Have You Had A Strategy Session With Your CPA Lately?

Many Business Advisory Firms focus on one objective, minimizing taxes. While that is an important strategy it is not always the best for every company all the time. It is important for a business owner to identify and understand both their long and short term goals for their company and align their tax strategy to those goals.

This is how our firm is different. We help business owners plan and manage their business rather than react to it when it is often too late. We get to know our clients and help them identify their goals so that we can build a business plan that aligns with these goals.

Our advisory services are tailored to help clients become compliant, tax-efficient, get more organized, become more strategic in the way they manage their business and eventually monetize their most valuable retirement asset. We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors that are proactive in helping our client’s business grow.

Business Advisory

When a client engages our team for business advisory services we help them with four key areas:

Compliance Services:

Stander & Company has been providing tax and bookkeeping services for more than a half of a century. Our team is very experienced and we go beyond what is expected from typical firms.

Tax Efficiency Services:

We provide tax strategies with our client’s goals in mind. Minimizing taxes is one strategy, but it is not always the best in every circumstance. Stander & Company helps business owners choose the right strategies to be the most tax efficient they can be based on their goals.

Organization Services:

As a business owner, it is important to have good information to make good decisions. We review our client’s financial statements and chart of accounts to make sure the financial statements reflect actual performance and provide meaningful information upon which to make decisions. We also analyze business expenses and look for opportunities to increase profitability and cash flow.

Strategic Financial Services:

Budget and cash flow forecasting is important for business owners to ensure that their activities support their goals. We meet with our clients regularly to analyze their performance and adjust where appropriate. Our goal is to help our clients build value in their company and eventually transfer their most important retirement asset to their personal balance sheet.