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Small Business Accounting Services

We believe that entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy. For our economy to be booming, we must advocate for the success of small businesses. This is the reason why it has become our greatest passion to help entrepreneurs reach their fullest potential. Their success is significantly essential. We believe our small business accounting, marketing and insurance services can make a difference by providing practical solutions.

Small Business Accounting Services & More

30 Million Small and Medium Businesses in The US

of all US companies are small and medium businesses
global employment by small and medium businesses
GDP generated by SMBs in developed countries

Small Business Accounting & More

Get more out of your industry by working with a small business accounting services firm that will support your growth and development. Our world-class team & services give you choreographed solutions to your company’s most challenging problems.
At Stander & Company, we focus on helping entrepreneurs develop, maintain, and grow successful businesses.
How do we do that? It depends on what you need. We provide a wide range of business support services. We tailor those services to what your business needs.

Small Business Accounting, Marketing & Insurance Services


Our services are focused on helping you plan, grow, and execute. Let us monitor, organize, and develop a strategy that creates concrete and sustainable results. Our team is ready to develop and tailor solutions based on your standards. We want to help business leaders focus on improvement.


Stander & company focuses on growing your business. With a strong marketing team behind you, your business can expand into new areas and reach its full potential.


We want you to feel confident and keep you informed about how your investments are protected. Insurance is essential for every individual and business. We treat it as such and offer you what suits you best. Here at Stander & Company, we’ve got you covered – making sure you have what you need when you need it.


Supporting your financial goals shouldn’t be only about a quick-fix tax shop but prompting your overall success. Get the services and experience you deserve. Stander & company wants to be an integral part of your small business or personal accounting matters. With personalized support for your peace of mind, our experts are passionate about helping you make better decisions.


At Stander & Company, we understand you need to focus on the core operations of your business. As a small business owner, you have lots to do.  Too often, bookkeeping gets put to the side. Let us provide you with accurate bookkeeping services. These services will give you valuable information to make the right decisions for your business.


Payroll keeps your business running.  More than just getting checks out to your employees, payroll is one of the first steps in tax preparation.  It is also how you ensure employees get their benefits and a key to compliance.  No wonder it can be so time-consuming! Stander & Company understands how important payroll is.  Let us save you time, money, and stress by handling your payroll.

Stander & Company Will Help You Prepare

Whether you are in the planning stages or have already opened a new business, we are the business consulting firm that can help you prepare for success.

Do you have questions about what we can do for your business?  Give us a call.  Every company has different needs.  We are the business consulting firm that will personalize our approach to help you come up with the right plan for you.

While the ideal time to create a business plan is before you open a business, business plans are living documents.  They should change as your business and market conditions change and grow.  We can help you with your planning whether you are in the investigation stage or have been in business for years.

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